The Brand


ShadedbyShanell is a brand that exudes art through imagination & inspiration. It is a brand that expands beyond the ordinary level of creativity & is tailored to provide exclusive artistic designs.


I remember being a little girl, sitting in the nail salon watching my mother get her nails done, anticipating the day it’d be me in the chair. I used to sit in the waiting area, flipping through nail magazines, looking for inspiration for my first set. I never imagined 20+ years later I’d be in the artist’s chair, bringing my visions & dreams to life.

In my own words, ShadedbyShanell is the manifestation of my imagination. It is a visual representation of my life through art. It tells the story of who I am and who I aspire to be. ShadedbyShanell is me.

I am a visionary. I am a student. I imagine it, I see it, I create it. I study the greats and bring the vision to life. I am an artist.

”Until life brings you your dreams, bring your dreams to life.”

“Always be you & keep it cute boo.”


Founder & CEO