Sticking Power: Unraveling the Adhesion and Longevity of Press-Ons

Sticking Power: Unraveling the Adhesion and Longevity of Press-Ons

Adhesion and longevity are the backbone of a fabulous press-on nail experience. Nothing beats the confidence of flaunting flawless nails that stay put through every activity. Let's dive into the science behind adhesive prowess and tips for maximizing the staying power of your press-ons.

**Understanding Adhesive Strength:**
The secret behind a secure press-on attachment lies in quality adhesives. A reliable nail glue, like our SBS 3 Second Super Brush On Nail Glue & can be a game-changer. Its precise application, strong bond, and quick-drying formula ensure a snug fit that endures. 


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**Prep for Success:**

The key to prolonged wear starts with proper preparation. Clean your natural nails, removing any oils or residues that could hinder adhesion. Gently buff the surface to create a smooth base for optimal grip. You can buff the back of the press-on instead to avoid damaging your natural nail.

**The Application Art:**
Apply the nail glue sparingly and precisely to both the press-on and natural nail. A thin, even layer is sufficient—too much glue can cause lumps, while too little may lead to lifting.



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**Press-On Placement:**
Press firmly and hold each nail in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to set. Be sure to align the press-ons properly to avoid air pockets or uneven attachment.

**Seal the Deal:**
For added security and longevity, consider applying a topcoat over the edges of the press-ons. This extra layer acts as a barrier against water and daily wear, extending the life of your fabulous manicure.


**Combat Lifting and Maintenance:**
Despite your best efforts, lifting can happen. Keep a small bottle of nail glue handy for quick touch-ups. Gently reapply glue under any lifted edges to secure them back in place and ensure your nails stay flawless.


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